Spending Your Winter

IMG_3729by Donna Huffman

We’re parked in a lovely retirement RV community here in Yuma AZ for a few weeks, where many other elder Christian folk are spending their winter. These folks enjoy shuffleboard and cards, play golf, attend gospel sings, run the dunes, barbeque, shop, fellowship (a LOT!), and generally enjoy the mild, sunny winters on the border.
But these happy, born-again seniors still deal with issues here in sunny Yuma – health issues, financial issues, family issues, issues about their future, spiritual issues. Yes, life happens here too. But our spiritual sword, shield and armor should be shinier, tougher – and more lethal, not less.
I’m convinced that the last ten or so years of a “Believer in the Great God” are meant to be the most productive, powerful years of their life here in the flesh. The silver-haired Believer should sharply discern the times, hear Father’s voice clearer, see farther with a seer’s eyes, discern spirits more accurately, war wiser, speak and pray with more effect, manifest more powerfully, and draw the Kingdom to his patch of Earth – right now. This one should not be the least of the brethren, but he should be the “sharpest tool in the shed”! Instead of slackening off, you are the tip of God’s arrow.
That was God’s idea in the first place, and He set the plan into motion when He gifted, called and equipped His man. The Believer’s last years are their most valuable, summing up the authority and manifest power that Father so freely gave. In fact, from Father come abundance, love, glory, beauty, splendor and honor. As He is, so are we in this world (1 John 4:17). Our winter years are our best, most honoring years to Father! Spend your winter wisely, fellow Believer.
Contemplate your value to God: Who else can do what He designed, called and equipped you to do? Who can make your decisions better than you? Who else can spend your net worth? You alone are responsible and accountable for “spending” your powerful winter years.
What are you doing this winter?

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