The Life You Choose

The Life You Choose
Psalm 37
Proposal: Each person determines the kind of life they live by their choices, by their responses to opportunities God gives them. How important our conscious choices are!
Suggestion: At EACH opportunity use your will specifically and on purpose to choose what you know God chooses. This puts you smack in the middle of His will – and that’s the best, and safest, place to enjoy the higher life!
The life of an evildoer is likened to the lower kind of life found in plants (vv.1-2), and they will ultimately be like grass – brief, shallow, destroyed and gone (v. 9)!
Don’t choose evil on any level, for it drastically lowers your very form and quality of life!
Choose the higher life that God wants for you (vv. 3-8). Choose Him and you choose the high life!